Restoring Faith In Our Elections 

If we don’t have integrity in our elections, our democracy will fail. That’s why Shane will always fight to ensure Florida’s elections are among the most trusted and secure in the nation.


Expanding Vocational and Career Training 

Technical and career education can be transformative for one’s life. Shane is focused on expanding opportunities for Floridians to enter the workforce with high paying jobs on the path to a lifelong career.


Second Amendment

The Second Amendment to the Constitution is clear: the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Shane can guarantee that when he represents you in the Florida House, he will fight to protect and defend the Second Amendment like your lives depend on it, because they do.


Dual Enrollment

Florida’s dynamic education system enables students to grow and achieve academic success at an early age. Dual enrollment is a major part of our uniquely successful system as it allows for students to graduate from high school with an Associate's Degree at no cost to them.


Right To Life 

Shane believes that life begins at conception, plain and simple. He refuses to back down against the radical left and their attempts to legalize late-term abortions across the country. We have a responsibility to protect those who cannot protect themselves.


Supporting Police

The “defund the police” movement that has swept the country is downright shameful. Shane has been a longtime supporter of law enforcement officers and will actively fight on their behalf to ensure they receive the resources they need to keep our communities safe.


Keeping Prescription Drug Costs Affordable

As a pharmacist, Shane has seen firsthand the issues with rising drug costs, and he believes that no one should be forced to worry about their ability to afford vital prescriptions that are the difference between life or death. That is why Shane will prioritize lowering the cost of prescription drugs and keeping these companies in check.


Ending Illegal Immigration

Unchecked illegal immigration is dangerous, radical, and harmful to our economy. Shane believes that America should secure its borders and have an effective legal immigration system. Our safety depends on it.


Defending From Liberal Indoctrination

It’s no secret that the left is attempting to indoctrinate American students with their radical policies. Shane is a firm believer that politics should remain out of the classroom and will ensure that Anti-American ideologies such as Critical Race Theory are not taught in our schools.

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